Trees can beat, the rising heat.

Gift a tree

You can hand this card to your guests.  When the guest scans the QR to plant the tree he/she gets redirected to a page of your choice. This could be a review platform or one of your social media channels.

You can alternate once in a while to work on multiple channels and boost your online presence.

Scan the QR in the picture to see a live example. If you’re reading on your phone, click the QR code instead.

Carbon Offsetting

Carbon Offsetting is a by the EU approved and applied method to cancel out carbon emission to be Climate Neutral. The process was fist applied to biomass and quickly found it’s way to other applications like production of goods and delivery of services like restaurants. 

Climate Neutral

You can buy as many trees as you prefer. When the amount of tree you buy offsets all the carbon you expel, you are eligible for our Climate Neutral Certificate. You’ll receive this digitally and in the form of a door sticker 

Benefits 🌲

For your restaurant

For your guests

our oldest customers

These restaurants have been with Kuwi since the beginning of our restaurant program in 2019 🤍
It's cheap considering you get reviews in return. Since you can be selective to which tables you hand them it's rare to receive bad reviews. It's a really nice concept where everybody wins. It's well received by the guest as the climate has become one of the top concerns, especially amongst the new generation.
It's nice to help the enviroment in a way that we also receive back. We've gathered lots of reviews and email addresses. Especially the reviews really help our ranking on Google Maps. It's important to work on your online presence and working with Kuwi is a great way to make big steps.
It's challenging to collect emails as a brick and mortar business. A few years in and our email lists huge. Our bimonthly newsletter generates enough value to justify this investment. I wish more organisations would work with a form of reciprocity.

Just contact our representative below to check what solution fits you best. 

Bart Geerts

Partnerships Hospitality UK

Hi, my name is Bart and I’m here to help. Feel free to reach out via the contact buttons below. You can also plan a call with me directly in my calendar at a time most convenient for you. 


Most frequent questions and answers

When the guest click on the “plant tree” button we can redirect them to a different website. This can be a review website or one of your social media channels or any other website. 

For conversion reasons we can only redirect the guest to one website/platform after they plan a tree. For this reason it’s best to alternate the redirect link once in a while. Just send us an email and we can change the link.

No, we can imagine you skip an elderly couple as they will probably not be able to scan the QR. Or a single guest that only bought a tea. Another good reason to not give a card is for tables that seem dissatisfied as they are likely to leave a bad review after planting the tree. 

No the cards are very self explanatory for guest under the age of 55. 

If you have a busy night you may want to consider skipping the older people. 

For Google Reviews and Facebook there is no set-up time required on your end. 

For some websites like TripAdvisor we need your help with getting the link, but that’s just a few minutes and we can assist you with this. 

For most restaurants it’s best to just start with Google Reviews and change it later. 

“Combating climate change requires collaboration” - Arnold Schwarzenegger